User consent info

Last updated: 26 November 2023

Our apps use Google AdMob, a mobile advertising platform, to display ads. AdMob collects and uses personal data to show relevant ads to users, to improve the performance of its advertising platform, and to prevent fraud and abuse. For users in the European Economic Area or the UK, user consent is required for using this personal data.

For example, a device's IP address is collected to estimate the general location of a device, which could be used to target advertisements to users in a specific region. To be compliant with GDPR, your consent to the use of such personal data is required.

To play the free version of our apps, which include ads, your consent to the use of personal data is therefore required. However, if you do not want to get personalized ads, you can opt out of this by deleting the advertising ID from your phone (Settings > Google > Ads > Delete advertising ID). If you do not want to share any data, you can also remove the ads by in-app purchase in the shop.